F.K. Explore Ethiopia Travel and Tours PLC.

Our company F.K. Explore Ethiopia Travel and Tours PLC is a company established under the Ethiopian law to provide a range of services in Travel, Tour, Car Hire, and related activities. Founded and managed by the top professionals
Founded and managed by the top professionals of Ethiopia’s tourism industry, we believe to be of prime choice to all travelers heading for Ethiopia. We operate in all parts of the country offering Tour packages for individuals and groups to the different historical, cultural, natural, archaeological, and scenic destinations from short to extended duration.

Over the years, our company has helped many tourists visit this beautiful country assisted by its efficient, courteous, caring, dedicated employees and multilingual professional guides.

F.K. Explore Ethiopia is equipped with reliable and insured vehicles of varied type  Automobiles, new model 4x4 LC and Buses.

We strongly believe in and promote environmentally friendly and nature-based tourism. This makes us unique and the first in the country by operating Agro-Tourism where clines, can feel the real nature, culture, and life of the countryside Ethiopia by staying in the very center of the community. Whereby an emphasis has been given to community befits and sustainable green tourism. We give travelers the chance to feel and experience the life and living style of the country’s majority, through which they can all witness the benefit of the destination area community. Apart from this, we have a good link with different AID organizations who work on community’s living standard alleviation.

Our explorer team is a collection of star individuals who have spent the most part of their life in operating and guiding tours. 
F.K. Explorer is an officially registered and accredited Travel Company with the license given from The Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry. License number 055/97, TIN Number 0001585147, VAT Registration No. 26873. Our company is also one of the prominent founding members of The Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA).
The company claims to be a leader in custom designed Ethiopian Holidays.