HARER  according to history, HARER is also named as The WALLED CITY. The medieval walled city, with its more than 99 mosques and Shrines is considered the fourth most sacred center of the Islamic world in the 10th century.

The city was established in the year 1520 AD by the local chief SULTAN ABU BAKER MUHAMMED. 

Purpose of  construction of  “The Walled City”

The region was under a heavy war for about 15 years (1527-43). Notwithstanding Nur’s victory, the Harari  (the tribes of Harar also known as ADERE) state was greatly weakened by the prolonged fighting with the result that the neighboring Oromos, advanced to the very borders of the town. NUR, according to local tradition, thereupon constructed around Harar the defensive wall which remains to this day one of its distinctive features. The walled city has five main gates each with its own function and name.

N.B., Things to see in Harer: the house of the Adere people, the colorful market, the former residence of the former poet/artist, RAMBOUD a French man. Some ancient rock and stone paintings and engraving (out of town),  The place called the Marvel Valley and many others.

Dire-Dawa is another important site to mention when we talk of Harar as it has a big commercial and economic value in the life of the region.